Kuniyoshi Ixima Comment

I read again the manuscript of the comment on my exhibition at Yamane Art Lab., two years ago. I felt nothing had changed what I did in these years. It's very important in the way of life that representing something, keep walking on the same way, and continuing to choose same things. I wrote in the end of previous comment, "I'd like to paint from beginning to end, in an idea of wisecrack". Finally, I felt I could realize such kind of works especially in this year. Not willfully, not indicating what should be thought, or feel, I wish my works should be hanged on the wall simply as a joke. And I believe in the expression that ascend from the quite delicate sensation. If I said , they are surely the works of such conception, it becomes a joke again. This time I exhibited landscape and abstract paintings besides portraits. These works are influenced by Yutaka Sone, Seiichiro Osa, calligraphy, and San-Sui paintings, and also foreign abstract paintings can be seen by Tumblr or Instagram too. Of course not these are the whole, but they will be the worthy of special mention for the present.